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Transforming is its greatest power! Decide: either AND or!


Semi-Automatic-Rifle or selfclosing straight pull bolt action Rifle? Transform your weapon just in time before your hunting-trip without any trouble.You just have to change the barrel to change the type of your weapon! Change your caliber or even your caliber-group in seconds (medium caliber or magnum caliber)! Choose between the light-weight-barrel for deerstalking and the heavybarrel for oppressive hunting!

Easy cleaning and careing through hunting-trips in foreign countries and wildlife-trips not only the simple breakdown of the weapon but the remarkably coating of the steel parts make your cleaning extremely simple! The extreme hardness and the 100% anti-rust protection of the coating is guaranteed under all climatic conditions! Merely the inside of the barrel needs a little bit of caring.
Here we abstain a rust-protection to guarantee from the beginning: The maximum of precision.

Even as Semi-Automatic-Rifl e you don’t have to clean the TRANSFORMER through the muzzle like other Semi-Automatic-Rifles!
“The Semi-Automatic-Rifle” is no longer a compromise but the epitome of a perfect and practical hunting-weapon, without any aesthetic shortcomings!

Technical Data: >>> see the pdf

Büchse mit BSB – SCHUSSVERHALTEN (Back Stock Balancer)

The BSB – SHOOTINGBEHAVE (Back Stock Balancer)

Thanks to the new system with a special weight in the backstock, the TRANSFORMER earns a particularly balance and a really enjoyable shootingbehave! The recoil and the “upper-kick” of the weapon is highly repressed – without a muzzle-break! Of course it doesn’t matter if the weapon is shot in straight pull bolt action or Semi-Automatic mode!

Büchse mit SCS – HANDSPANNUNG (Soft Cocking System)

the SCS – HANDCOCKER(Soft Cocking System)

Also the Handcocker is a milestone in gunsmithing! The comfort exceeds greatly everything seen before! Of course it is possible to cock the TRANSFORMER extrem quietly!

Büchse mit HÜLSENAUSWURF (Safety Ejection System)

the SES – SHELL-EJECTION (Safety Ejection System)

The Shell-Ejection always happens in an angle between 20 up to a maximum of 50 degrees in the direction of the shot. (Over 90% of the shells are leaving the weapon UNDER 45 degrees in shooting direction!) So also lefties can shoot the gun without any danger and without any shells wich are flying in the direction of the shooters face!
A damage of your precious engraving or you precious Stock-wood by ejected shells is not possible anymore!

Büchse mit SCHUSSLEISTUNG (Free Swing Barrel)

the FSB – SHOOTING PERFORMANCE (Free Swing Barrel)

The TRANSFORMER is the fi rst Semi-Automatic-Rifl e which has a complete free floating barrel! This fact and other factors like the really precise and smooth trigger are defi nitely new standards in the world of Semi-Automatic-Rifles!
The sum of all these properties make the TRANSFORMER an uncompromising premium-hunting-rifle at the highest leve